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28 Ağustos 2020

Turkish traditional cuisine, Anatolian regional specialties & Ottoman historical dishes


Doğan, owner & Mustafa Öztürk, Chef


Lunch & dinner, daily

What the say

"We use only natural ingredients cultivated, raised, or produced with traditional methods, all procured from local regional sources. We try to be as healthy as possible, so never deep-fry our food, only using traditional cooking methods like slow-cooking on the stove, grilling on charcoal, or baking in a wood-fired oven. We make our own products to stock pantry - all jams, preserves, and pickles are made in our own kitchen with traditional methods to ensure our food is authentic"

Signature dishes

Steamed stuffed meatballs from Mardin; roasted whole lamb rib stuffed with rice; and lahmacun (Turkish meat-topped flatbread)

What others say

"One particular dish singled out, Ottoman meat stew with prunes, dired apricots and almonds. It is very hard to maintain the balance og the sweetness of dried fruits with the savoury meat, and I have tried many almost inedble versions from reputed chefs; this one was the closest o perfection,  just fit for on Ottoman sultan."   

-Aylin Öner Tan, Hürriyet Daily News

What the say

Seraf'strength comes from investing in highly qualified staff, the best produce and spacious facilities with a state-of-the-art kitchen. They serve authentic, honest Turkish cuisine at its best. No plating designs here, no hustle to tell a stoy- just food served with respect. All starters are sublime, hummus almost like a mousse, braised beans soft a pillow, lahmacun isso light crisp that one can devour many in a row, and roast lamb with smoky parched green wheat(firik) is heavenly.

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