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SERAF GIDA A.Ş. Company uses cookies to ensure the operability of the site and to provide you with a better experience when you visit our website.

This clarification text, which is prepared to inform you about the acquisition and processing of visitors’ data through cookies on the websites of SERAF GIDA A.Ş., has been prepared in accordance with the “SERAF GIDA A.Ş. Company – Data Policy” (Data Policy), which you can find at This clarification text will also be updated in case the cookies on the site are removed, renewed, increased in number, and new technological possibilities other than cookies are started to be utilized.

I. COLLECTED COOKIES collects data from website visitors through cookies.

Cookies are small text files created on your phone or computer. They are widely used to ensure that websites work properly and work better and more efficiently. Websites provide you with a better website experience thanks to these cookie files.


SERAF GIDA A.Ş. processes the data obtained through cookies for the following purposes.

Performing the basic functions needed for the site to function properly
Analyzing the activities of site visitors on the site, increasing the performance of the site
Providing a better visit experience on the site

If there is a change in the processing purposes of the cookies obtained through the website or if a new purpose arises, it will fulfill its obligation to inform you separately and immediately before starting the data processing activity for this purpose.

III. METHOD OF COLLECTION AND LEGAL REASON obtains the cookies belonging to the visitors of the website in electronic environment, information provided in digital format, visitor entry-exit record, digital data, completely automatic methods in order to realize the above-mentioned purposes. processes cookies based on the following legal grounds:

Data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the website visitor


You have the right to choose how SERAF GIDA A.S.’s cookies are used. However, please note that restricting the use of cookies may adversely affect the overall website visitor experience.

You can prevent the use of our cookies by rejecting them on the option screen presented to you. Note that in exceptional cases, such as formatting your computer, deleting all cookies in your browser, reinstalling your browser from scratch, etc., this selection will be forgotten and the option screen will reappear.
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