seraf vadi




Cold Starters

Onion Dolma

Carefully peeled onion layers filled with a mixture of rice, spices, and currants, cooked over a wood fire with olive oil.

Artichoke Leavess

Grilled Ildır artichoke leaves, fresh herbs, red pepper flakes, and thyme.


Charcoal-roasted eggplant, slowly cooked onions in olive oil, and green peppers.

Olive Oil Green Beans

Green beans, pink tomatoes, garlic, onion and extra virgin olive oil


Hatay’s Reyhanlı style humus topped with tomatoes and pickled cucumber.

Olive Oil Peas

Fresh peas and spring herbs with plenty of dill, onions, and extra virgin olive oil.

Hot Starters

Seraf “İçli Köfte”

Delicately prepared from lamb ribs, leg, and brisket chopped with cleaver, filled in a thinly rolled out bulgur dough and boiled. Served atop our homemade strained yogurt and garnished with a red pepper sauce.

Mushroom Stuffed “İçli Köfte”

Mushroom filling flavored by a variety of spices, wrapped in a thin bulgur dough and boiled. Served atop sautéed spinach. This is Seraf’s signature meatless “içli köfte”.

Dried Eggplant and Pepper Stuffed Dolma

Sun-dried Antep eggplant and mildly spicy bell peppers. Minced lamb, rice, sumac juice, and strained yogurt sauce.


A traditional boiled, hand-rolled egg dough from Kars, served with slow-cooked onions, Seraf-produced strained yogurt, mint, and red pepper flakes.



Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green and ”kapya” peppers, parsley, fresh mint, and walnuts, dressed with a sumac, “isot”, pomegranate molasses, and olive oil sauce.

Artichoke Salad

Thinly sliced raw baby artichokes, garden cress, walnuts, and fresh basil, mixed with a citrus dressing.

Yedikule & Dried Fig Salad

“Yedikule” lettuce, arugula, and carrots, dressed with Seraf’s pomegranate syrup and extra virgin olive oil sauce.


From the Wood Fire

Seraf Lahmacun

A unique “lahmacun” and special Seraf signature dish made with a whole wheat dough and a carefully selected blend of lamb rib, brisket, and leg meat, chopped with cleaver.

“Katıklı” Flatbreads

Two crispy flatbreads made with thin whole wheat dough, topped with “Tulum” cheese and spinach & roasted red peppers and mixed tomato paste.

Wood Oven Mantı

Wood-fired gokden-brown manti with a well seasoned, meaty filling, served on a light meat broth.

Main Courses


Inspired by the Ottoman palace cuisine, wood-fired slow-cooked lamb shank with dried figs, sun-dried apricots, sautéed almonds, and onions.

Wood-Fired Lamb Shank

A Central Anatolian dish of wood-fired slow-cooked lamb shanks on a bed of vegetable barley pilaf, served with Seraf’s homemade strained yogurt.

“Keşkek” with Lamb Shank

Hand-pounded cracked wheat, topped with tender lamb shank and a buttery red pepper sauce.


Yağlama A Kayseri regional dish with geographical indication, layers of wood-fired flatbreads filled with a special ground beef sauce and topped with strained yogurt.

Lüle Kebab with Smashed Tomatoes

Ground lamb kebab, without spiciness or garlic, served over char-grilled tomato mash and green peppers. Accompanied by thin flatbread from the wood oven and “Firik” pilaf.

Mardin Kebab

Spicy and garlicky hand-ground lamb served with char-grilled eggplant purée, flatbread and “Firik” pilaf.

Lamb Chops

Grilled Thrace curly lamb chops and wood-fired slow-cooked fresh potatoes and sautéed spinach.

Lokum Shish Kebab

Shish kebab made of marinated “Kıvırcık” lamb from Thrace, sautéed spinach and accompanied by spices village patatoes.

Oven-Baked Chicken

Free-range, slow-cooked chicken in the oven for four hours, served with garnishes and vegetable barley pilaf.


On the Side

Village Potatoes

Fresh potatoes mixed with onions, garlic, fresh thyme, rosemary, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and olive oil, baked in a stone oven.


Charred aubergine, seasoned with garlic and olive oil.

Sauté Spinach

Fresh spinach, wheat, butter, and extra virgin olive oil sauce.

“Firik” Pilaf

Traditional smoked firik bulgur from Antep, mixed vegetables, a touch of butter, and extra virgin olive oil.

Vegetable Barley Pilaf

Sautéed barley orzo with red and green peppers, onions.

Spring Pilaf

Ildır artichoke hearts and fava beans, dill, and olive oil.

Seraf Pickles

A delicious mix of our homemade seasonal pickles.


Semolina Halva

Slow-roasted semolina halva with plenty of butter and almonds, cooked over low heat for four hours.

Fig Pudding

A perfect harmony of dried figs and milk, prepared without added sugar.

Oven-Baked Rice Pudding

Classic rice pudding made with buffalo milk, baked in a wood-fired oven, and topped with roasted hazelnuts.

Tasting Dessert Platter

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our desserts, we serve tasting portions of three different desserts together.