About Us

Why Anatolian Cuisine?

At Seraf, we strive to bring to our table the dishes of civilizations that passed through Anatolia, as faithfully as possible. According to us, a dish does not have a nationality, but a geography. Because every cuisine carries the traces of all cultures that have come and gone throughout history from the region it originated from. It spreads to neighboring lands with migrations, merges with their cuisines, interacts, and enriches.

Our Philosophy

For Authentic Flavors, We Use Authentic Methods…

We cook the unique recipes of Anatolian cuisine in the most authentic way possible.

For example, we grind the meat with armor, even though it is more difficult, time-consuming, and labor intensive. The ground meat is kneaded by hand, not in a machine, just to be able to serve you the recipes that have been passed down from centuries ago to the present day in the most appropriate way.

We make our içli köfte by hand, which takes longer and is more costly, but it is the only way to make the thin and melt-in-your-mouth Seraf Içli Köfte.

At Seraf, we brew tea every 20 minutes because we never serve stale tea, just like we wouldn’t serve stale tea to a guest in our homes.

We cook most of our dishes slowly over a wood fire, which is why our kitchen starts working every morning at 6 a.m.

We travel all over Turkey to find the best ingredients for our dishes.

We buy every vegetable, fruit, and legume not only from where the best ones grow but also from the most famous producers in that region. We make an effort to use everything in its season.

We not only buy artichokes from Urla but also visit the fields in Urla to buy the best and most satisfying artichokes that grow there.

We harvest all the fruits we use for our jams and make them the next day without adding any preservatives, just like you would at home.

Full Support for Women Producers

We prefer and support women producers among equals. We are aware of the difficulties women face in all areas. Therefore, when choosing our suppliers, we definitely favor women producers among equals. We work with women’s cooperatives.

Every Meal at Seraf is Only Made in its Season.

We believe that nature is the ultimate decision maker. Therefore, we make sure to use every vegetable only in its season. If there are no tomatoes in your salad during the season when they are not grown, please do not reproach. The reason is that we do not want to serve you tomatoes that have been treated with chemicals. Don’t worry, we will find a healthy way to flavor your salad.

Why Are Ingredients so Important?

Good food can only be made with good ingredients. That’s why we travel all over Turkey in search of the best ingredients.

We even grow all our fresh herbs in our own small garden. To add flavor to your dish, fresh thyme is picked from the branch just before it is served to you.

We use only the best and freshest ingredients in every dish and product we offer at both SERAF Restaurant and SERAF Shop, and we never compromise on this, no matter what it costs.

All the lamb we use in our dishes is Trakya Kıvırcık lamb. We buy the meat as a carcass and process it in our own butcher shop.

Which food is from which region?

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