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After offering Anatolian cuisine in its most authentic form to food enthusiasts at Seraf Mahmutbey, we began to dream of the next stage: introducing our cuisine to both local and foreign gastronomy enthusiasts. With this goal in mind, we embarked on a meticulous process that encompassed decoration, location, menu design, and the essential aspect of food/wine pairing, which is cherished by gastronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Finally, we brought Seraf Vadi to life.

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If you want to gift your loved ones a Seraf experience that will remain in their memories, you can click the button below, choose the menu alternative you want and make the payment easily. All your guest has to do is to say their reservation name at the door, the rest is up to us…

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We will be happy to welcome you at Seraf Vadi.

Guests under 12: Unfortunately, we cannot accept children under 12 from 19:00 p.m. We would be happy to welcome you with your children during the daytime hours.

Comfortable and attentive clothing: At Seraf Vadi, we strive to offer you an environment that is as attentive as it is comfortable, and our only rule in this regard is “comfortable and attentive” clothing.

Reservation change or cancellation: In case of delay or cancellation, we kindly ask for advance notice, as we cook all our dishes daily with fresh ingredients.

Seraf Vadi Shop

At SERAF, we try to cook dishes that were cooked in the kitchens of Anatolian civilizations while staying true to their original form. This is not an easy task, and it’s almost impossible to do it at home. For example, the original lahmacun is made from meat that is ground with armor, but how many homes have armor to grind the meat? Or how many people can get the artichokes from the best field in Urla during the season when they are at their best?

That’s why we offer everything we prepare for SERAF at SERAF SHOP, where we are sure that they can be enjoyed with the same quality in your homes. Bon Appetit!

Seraf Vadi Shop

Ayazağa, Kemerburgaz Cd. No:7G İç Kapı No: 7, Sarıyer/İstanbul

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